Out with the old and in with the new: Replacing a combi boiler for a new Worcester Bosch system boiler with a pressurised hot water cylinder.

New Worcester boiler Southport and pressurised

New Worcester boiler Southport and pressurised cylinder

This Southport customer was over the moon with her new Worcester boiler. Previous to this, the old combi boiler was costing the customer a lot of money in repairs across a 5-year period. With replacement parts costing between £45 to over £200 (totalling above the original cost of the boiler). Two weeks ago, enough was enough for this customer and they requested a quote for a brand-new Worcester Bosch boiler.

Old Broke Ariston BoilerOld Broke Ariston Combi Boiler

What we Quoted:

The customer’s house is a large detached property with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Therefore, I advised that rather than a new combi boiler, that they should opt for a Worcester Bosch 35kw life system boiler. This along with a Worcester green store pressurised cylinder would satisfy the central heating system and allow for plenty of hot water. A huge benefit of a pressurised cylinder is the ability to run many hot taps at once. It also has an immersion heater, which acts as a back-up in the unlikely event of the boiler failure.

The water in the heating system was inspected and was clean enough that only a hot chemical flush was required. This was carried out using a Sentinel X 400. As within most large properties, I advised that the central heating system be split into two. We used two programmable room thermostats to split the bedrooms from the living space. This enables different parts of the house to have the heating on while the other half is off.


Benchmarking new Worcester Boiler Southport Checking Everything is Safe,

Benchmark new Worcester Boiler Southport

Once installed we commissioned the new boiler, this ensured all the necessary checks were carried out and filled in the benchmark – failure to do so, may void the guarantee. A. Green and Son will continue to look after this new boiler, making yearly visits for annual service. A well-serviced boiler allows for maximum efficiency, a longer life and a check on any potential problems that may occur.

This valued Southport customer is extremely happy with their new and reliable heating and hot water system. Especially since they will no longer be splashing out on news parts and repairs for the next 12 years.


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